Integrative Therapies in Palliative Care – Continuing education program for multi-disciplinary palliative care providers

Audience: Physicians, nurses, social workers, chaplains, pharmacists and others.

Continuing Education Credits:  1 CME/CEU per module; up to 9 CMEs/CEUs for whole program.

This program is currently being developed with funding by the National Cancer Institute, the course will be designed for physicians, nurses, social workers, chaplains, pharmacists and others to address the evidence-based integration of complementary therapies in palliative care. Part of course development will be a large randomized trial to evaluate outcomes for participants, making this the first course of its kind to document effects on PC practice.

The program will provide an overview of integrative palliative care and the evidence-based applications of complementary therapies for common symptoms and quality of life in patients with serious illness or at end of life. Course modules include: Overview of Integrative Palliative Care, Acupuncture and Related Approaches, Biofield Therapies, Massage, Mind/body and Contemplative Approaches, Movement Approaches, Aromatherapy, Expressive Arts Therapies, and Transforming the Culture of Care. A distinguished faculty of experts from each field provide insight during the instruction.

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